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Having sourced the best quality raw materials we turn, dye and finish our buttons using traditional techniques and in an increasing number of patterns. These may be divided into tailoring and shirting buttons, depending on size.

We started in late 2016 with a single pattern (Cornbury 965), 5 standard sizes (24L, 28L, 32L, 36L and 40L). But this has very rapidly increased and we presently offer buttons in 4 further patterns (Tewkesbury 310, Bibury 425, Charlbury 4011 and most recently the 564 pattern, which was one of James Grove’s signature patterns. The pattern can be traced back to at least the 1930’s, but it came very much to the fore after the Second World War when it was adopted by many Savile Row tailors as their ‘button of choice’. We are now also making 44L (28mm) coat buttons in these patterns.

While we initially made these buttons in Corozo, buttons in each of these patterns are available in Codelite®, too, albeit in presently in 24L, 32L and 40L form. Oh, and you may like to know that we supply 18L backing buttons in either Corozo or Codelite®, too.

In terms of shirting buttons, we offer 18L buttons in both Corozo and Codelite® in 5 patterns (see below), and 16L buttons in each of these patterns in Corozo.

We aim to maintain stocks in our standard stock colours of black, brown, blue, grey and natural in each of the sizes and patterns outlined above. Thus, in most cases orders can be sent out directly upon receipt. Our MOQs are just 300/pattern/size/colour, but we also supply buttons in their thousands to our larger customers.

If we don’t have the button(s) you need in stock, however, we’ll make or finish them from our growing inventory of blanks or unfinished turned stock we maintain.

For non-standard colours, we offer a colour matching service although, this does incur an extra charge of £30.00 + VAT per colour. These charges apply to orders of all sizes. Bespoke colour orders normally take around 10-14 days from the date of order. 

Do drop us a line or call us if you’d like more specific information on stock, quantities, sizes, or finishes. Sample books (£19.20 incl. VAT & Delivery to UK) showing our patterns, colours and sizes are also readily available.

But do remember, we are constantly expanding our range – whether it's by adding patterns, colours, sizes or materials! So, do keep in touch.

Bibury 425: Black 171

Bibury 425

Blewbury 105: Black 171

Blewbury 105

Charlbury 4011: Black 171

Charlbury 4011

Cornbury 965: Black 171

Cornbury 965

Malmesbury 409: Black 171

Malmesbury 409

Tetbury 4043: Black 171

Tetbury 4043

Tewkesbury 310: Black 171

Tewkesbury 310

Grove 564: Black 171

Grove 564

Backing Button: Natural

Backing Button

Adderbury 2250: Natural

Adderbury 2250

Tewkesbury 2245: Natural

Tewkesbury 2245

Spelsbury 2267: Natural

Spelsbury 2267

Malmesbury 2263: Natural

Malmesbury 2263

Fish Eye: Natural

Fish Eye

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