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We believe that nature and fashion can not only co-exist but nourish one another symbiotically. If anything, there is no better supplier of the most diverse and beautiful materials than nature itself. Embellishing our clothes should not come at a cost to the environment, either. And with this simple ethos in mind, we are committed to making buttons from the finest natural materials we can find.

It is a journey well worth making and has already been an amazing and fascinating task in its own right. We have taken our cue from our heritage collections in an attempt to make our buttons as authentic to these originals as possible.

Advert for Casein buttons from 1958 issue of British Buttons

Of course, ensuring the finest quality raw materials also lies at the heart of our sourcing efforts. But we go much further by researching and understanding the characteristics of each material. We are guided by principles of provenance, bio-degradability, sustainability and environmental impact so that our customers know that the buttons we supply are as ecologically proven as they are aesthetically appealing.

Already we have re-established production in the UK of buttons made of Corozo – a nut originating in the rainforests of Ecuador and equatorial America – and more recently Codelite® – comprised of 96% dairy milk in its finished state and re-introduced in the UK for the first time in almost half a century.

Tagua Palm Milking by hand

But our use of nature goes beyond this. In our polishing processes we use pumice (volcanic ash) and wooden pegs in traditional barrels to produce the best finishes we can muster.

Our work is far from done, of course. In fact, we are constantly researching new natural materials which may complement our existing ranges and which offer a real alternative to the ubiquitous petrochemical buttons made of polyester and nylon to those who share our vision and philosophy.

We hope you agree and that you will support us in our efforts and quest. After all, nature needs all the help it can get…

Tagua Nut
Fever Lung let's make it here ukft.org Make it British