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Red, yellow and blue Cornbury corozo buttons

Don’t you
just love our
green buttons?

Of course, by this we aren’t referring to their colour. Being made from the nuts of the tagua palm tree which grows in the equatorial rainforests of Central America, Corozo is the most eco-friendly of materials imaginable and quite literally ‘grows on trees’. Made in England according to heritage designs, we think that all of our Corozo buttons are ‘green’ no matter whether Promo Cornbury R128 32L they are red, yellow, blue or otherwise.

Ecuadorian rain forest

grade buttons

So much of the world’s rainforest is being cut down in the name of economic progress. But, not so in Ecuador thanks to the indigenous tagua palm tree. For, the tagua palm provides a valuable crop – Corozo nuts, which are perfect for button-making. And so, when you buy our Corozo buttons, you are helping indirectly to maintain these ancient rainforests. Promo Cornbury G176 32L Doesn’t that make you feel good!

Ecuadorian rain forest

The button
that takes 16 years
to make

It doesn’t seem possible, does it? But it takes 15 years for a tagua palm tree to mature and produce its first Corozo nuts. So, when we started making our Corozo buttons in 2016, any trees planted for the occasion would have been planted in the year 2,000! Laid to dry for three months and sent to England where we turn and finish them using traditional techniques, Promo Cornbury Y121 32L we really think our Corozo buttons are worth the wait.

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