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Natural materials
Traditional techniques
Heritage designs
Made in England
Aerial photograph of the James Grove factory

James Grove closes

In December 2012, James Grove & Sons Ltd, Britain’s last horn button maker, closed its doors for the last time. It was 155 years old.

Machinist on the production line

The loss of skills

On that bleak winter day, the entire workforce of James Grove lost their jobs and the accumulated skill and experience of its staff, past and present, was abruptly relinquished.

James Grove: Black and white pattern book

Heritage lost

Over 150 years’ of button-making heritage and history was at risk. Sample books, historic dies and company records were discarded.

Cutting from Country Life magazine

Appeal for help

Responding to an appeal featured in Country Life Magazine (5th June 2013), we acquired the last remaining button-making and finishing machines and much of the heritage of the company.

Using the archives and patterns of James Grove’s past, re-conditioning and repairing machinery, learning the trade as button-makers, Courtney & Co®. launched in the Autumn of 2016. The journey continues…

Sorting corozo buttons

Preserving our craft

Courtney & Co®. is committed to apply and pass-on the skills of button-making using both traditional methods and technology.

A few of the 4000+ metal dies in the archive


We are preserving, restoring and making accessible a vast archive of material for reference and posterity.

Ecuadorian rainforest, source of the Tagua or corozo nut


We source the finest natural raw materials from around the world, respecting and preserving the environment for future generations.

Photo: Rob Farrow - Bliss Mill from Worcester Road


Whether for environmental, commercial or aesthetic reasons, we wish to help make the world a better place to enjoy and live in.

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